bind keyframe animation to controller
Animo makes it possible to group animations together and control them as a whole.
After adding Animo, you can control the progress of the animation using a single Animation property on the Animo controller ranging from 0% to 100%. The Animation property can be animated with keyframes as well, allowing for some very interesting mash-ups of your animations.
Animo also has a Loop and a Spectre option that allows you to control the animation progress in other interesting ways.
This is a percentage property with a range from 0% to 100%, which maps directly to the animation's duration, which is the time between the earliest and latest keyframe.



One or more selected properties, each containing 2 or more keyframes.
It is also possible to select properties across multiple layers

Tool Options

The animo tool has a Keyframe, Shy and Controller name option.


The keyframe option will create a keyframe on the Animation property of the controller at time=0.


The shy option hides the animation layers, leaving only the controller layer visible.

Controller name

Allows you to set a name for the Animo controller

Effect Options

In the next sections we will explain the various options available on the Animo Controller.


With spectre, you can control the animation progress by the amount of overlap between a controller and another layer. This allows you to set up "triggers" for your animation, for example, when the wheel of a car hits a rock, it will compress the suspension.


Looping will continue the animation after the last keyframe, there are two options to choose here.
Ping-Pong: Move the animation from start to end, then back to start, then to the end again, forever.
Cycle: Moves the animation from start to end, repeatedly.
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