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Power through projects with a tour de force of tools for professional animators.

👋 Hello all — M⁴ was launched 08/08/2022 and the Mt. Mograph team is a little burnt out. This repository of information will be expanded and refined with a few more days of time. If you have any questions, or don't see a proper answer in the current Guide, please contact support@mtmograph.com


Motion (M⁴ ) is a powerful animation toolkit for motion designers. Motion is available as an Extension to extend functionality of the Creative Cloud applications Adobe After Effects.

8 years after the initial v1.0.0 — Motion (M⁴) is the culmination of a lot of time trying to make a good production tool with clean solutions for animation.

Please enjoy M⁴ 🙏 and thanks for the support!

-- Mt. Mograph Dev team --

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