Ease Graph

Adjust keyframe interpolation(s) with speed graph.


When working with keyframes, the standard After Effects Graph Editor can sometimes be overkill and confusing, and other-times simply awkward to work with as you have to navigate off the Timeline and change the After Effects UI.

The Ease Graph in M⁴ can Preview selected Keyframe values (simply select a keyframe to see M⁴ Live Poll the value) and also gives a more intuitive preview of the Ease Easy values. The actual Ease Values will also be mirrored to the Ease Sliders below the Ease Graph.

In the current M⁴ release, the Ease Graph only works with Influence values (which is often enough for animation) but Speed will also be available on a new Easing screen.

Ease In & Ease Out

Clicking and dragging to the left or, right of the Ease Graph allows interpolations to be Ease In and Ease Out.

Ease Ease

A special zone in the middle of the Ease Graph allows interpolations to be mirrored to Ease In and Ease Out.

The Ease Graph and Ease Sliders have a reflective relationship. When either are adjusted the opposite shows the same data.

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