Soften and smooth keyframe values and paths.


Blend is a helpful tool to make your keyframe values more "smushy" and have a generally more soft appearance. This Blend effect is most noticeable on the Position property, but works across any property type.

As the Smoothness is increased the Blend effect is increase and can even affect the temporal start-stop of an animation. All keyframes on a Property will be affected by Blend. Blend can be a great option for a Tracked animation, or properties with many keyframes.


  1. Select any property that can be animated

  2. click the Blend tool

Effect Control

The Blend effect has three options Enable, Smoothness and Precision.

Enable is straightforward and will Turn On / Turn Off the Blend affect (which can be helpful if you want to add more keyframes, or check the original animation)

Smoothness, is the amount Blend will affect the keyframe set. As it increases the blending will become more pronounced.

Precision is a secondary control to the Smoothness effect and will help refine the animation closer to the original animation.


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