Get M⁴ ready and working


Motion (M⁴) is an Extension that is compiled into the Motion Installer that will automate the installation process.

We recommend using the Motion Installer, but third-party ZXP-installers and manual installations are also possible. Please see Troubleshooting for alternate steps.

Get download

After purchase, your License Key(s) and Order Confirmation will be sent to the Purchase Email.

  1. The Motion Installer can be downloaded from the Order Confirmation email.

  2. On the Mt. Mograph downloads page:

Launch installer

Finalize installation

  1. Open the Motion Installer, and proceed through the install screens.

  2. 2. When the M⁴ packages complete successfully; open Adobe After Effects to Activate License and finish the setup process.

If the target application was open during the Motion install, restart the Adobe application to finalize the installation.

Failed install

In the rare case the Motion Installer fails and your applications meet the System Requirements, Please see Troubleshooting for alternate step, or Contact support.

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