Customize M⁴ systems and tools.


There are a couple quick Settings to make Motion provide a good user experience — taking into account hardware limitations, workflow optimizations and visual cues.

Live Poll

Automatically fill edit fields with real-time property values. Live Poll is used for the Color, Focus and Composition screens. Motion uses Live Poll to provide a smooth interaction between your animation and edits, it is not recommended to disable.

Not recommended on workstations with limited CPU

Tool Preferences

Show secondary menu and tool options when running a tool. If disabled, your default options will be used each tool run.

Fast Mode

Boost M⁴ performance with experimental speed-boost to improve After Effects processes. Only available for single-monitor workspaces.

Warning: If you are photosensitive, or are caused discomfort from a brief flashing image. Please disable Fast Mode, in Settings > UX — Fast Mode gives a huge performance and speed boost for Adobe processes. However, Fast Mode will cause a one-time “flash” to appear on your monitor as Fast Mode engages and boosts the Adobe application.

Focus Indicator

Display a temporary guide layer to indicate a focused state. Focused Indicator creates a locked, guide layer (so essentially invisible to your project) that is only created when in a Focus state. On Refocus, the Focus Indicator is automatically deleted.

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