Ease Sliders

Adjust keyframe interpolation(s) with track bar.


When working with keyframes, the standard After Effects Graph Editor can sometimes be overkill and confusing, and other-times simply awkward to work with as you have to navigate off the Timeline and change the After Effects UI.

The Ease Sliders in M⁴ can Preview selected Keyframe values (simply select a keyframe to see M⁴ Live Poll the value) and also gives a more intuitive preview of the Ease Easy values. The actual Ease Values will also be mirrored to the Ease Graph above the Ease Sliders.

In the current M⁴ release, the Ease Graph only works with Influence values (which is often enough for animation) but Speed will also be available on a new Easing screen.

Ease Slider

Adjust keyframe interpolation(s) with track bar.

Ease In / Ease Out

By using the left or, right sliders independently you can change the Ease Ease values (the curve will be previewed in the Curve Graph)

Ease Ease

Like the Ease Graph, if you want to adjust both Ease In and Ease Out values together, you can click and hold the center Slider in the Ease Slider and drag out to the left or right to mirror the value changes to either side.

Easing types

Change selected keyframe(s) temporal interpolation type instantly.

Ease Out

Ease In




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