Browse M⁴ with specific text query and results.


As anything digital gets larger, Searching becomes even more valuable to help you quickly find the query you want. Since Motion is designed to be modular, almost any component can be pulled up through a simple text entry into the Search Field.

Search Field Type

Customize your preferred Header bar and Search field, these preferences can be changed in the Settings > UI

Compact This is the startup view of the Search Field. This puts a Search icon to the right of the Navigation buttons. When the Search icon is clicked an entire Search View will be visible.

Scroll For smaller UI with limited width the Scroll mode for the Search field is a great option, to engage Search — hover the mouse over the Navigation buttons and "pull down" or, scroll down with your Mouse to pull down the Search field.

Extended If you'd like to always display a Search bar in your UI, enable Extended and you can always enter text into the Search field.

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