Manage software license and workstation(s).


With any Mt. Mograph license purchase, you get access to all future updates, with no subscriptions. Essentially, when you buy a Mt. Mograph product it's actually yours forever. New upgrades are your best friends via Auto-Update, and in a world ruled by subscriptions β€” you get to pay once, and play forever through the miracle of Auto-Update. Just having a License Key you can remotely log in and out of Motion; anywhere and manage your entire team's workstations from a single License.

🚨 If you can't find your License Key, or want to recover all associated license key(s) with a purchase email β€”Β please use the License Recovery tool here


Number of active and/or in-use workstations allowed to use license key concurrently. When you check out of the Mt. Mograph store, the number of Copies/Seats purchased determines the number of workstations that can use Motion+the License Key at the same time.


By clicking the Manage button next to Seats you can log in and out of any workstations that use the License Key that is currently active in your copy of Motion-4. Click the 'X' next to each computer to log out, or click the button at the bottom to log out of the current computer. This will not uninstall Motion, just log out the License for remote travel.

πŸ“₯ You can Download new installers for whatever computer you may be using on the Downloads page from here


The associated email account used to purchase the license key.

License Key

In-use license key, associated with email and seats.

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