Activate License

Finalize M⁴ installation


When Motion is first installed a License Key is required to activate and finalize the process.

A valid License Key also allows a Workstation to be remotely managed. Using the Settings > License > Seats > Manage screen to Login and Logout any time.

1. Launch Motion

To finalize the installation of M⁴, open After Effects > Application Bar > Window > Extensions > Motion-4

Motion is resizable, scalable and dockable. Drag and drop the Motion window anywhere in your application Workspace.

2. Enter license key

When Motion is opened for the first time, a License Key is required to log in and finalize your installation.

You can get your License Key from your Checkout Email, if you forgot your License Key, you can recover it on our Help page

3. Confirm license

After a valid License Key is pasted into Motion, the Extension will verify the number of installs/seats available and log in.

After the first valid LoginMotion can work in Offline Mode for 7 days. After that, an internet connection is needed to re-validate the license.

Multiple Seats

If the License Key is valid, but the seat count is reached, Motion will prompt you with a license manager screen where you can log in or out of workstations using your License Key.

Failed license check

If the License Key check fails, please check:

  1. the License Key is entered correctly without extra characters or, spacing

  2. the workstation has a live internet connection (needed to verify license)

For more information, or for assistance please visit our Support

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