Create simple radial burst rig.


Burst is tool to create quick little "animation accent" rigs. These burst layers have tons of Effect parameters to refine, or individualize the burst effects.


  1. Select an Active Composition

  2. click the Burst` tool

Effect Control

Each Burst run will create it's own layer with a Effect Control to customize the attributes and animation.

Global Position

The center of the Burst ring. Just click the 'compass' button and select a spot in a Composition. The Burst layer will align to the selected point.


Count Increase or decrease the amount of objects that make up the Burst effect.

Burst Offset This will change the "stagger" or uniform Burst of the paramters like Distance from Center and Revolution.

Dist from Center This is the general property to adjust to animate the "burst" and movement from in to out.

Revolution Will increase the range off the "burst" radius. For example, the ring starts with 360 degress and can be increased to 500 degrees; which would cause the objects in the Burst to appear staggered.

Revolution Offset Randomize or offset the individual Copies in the Burst ring on non-averaged degrees.





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