General M⁴ resources.


Not everything can fit in the Motion panel — so, a couple processes and information locations are linked and available on the About screen.

Version changelog

View record of all notable updates. This screen can be accessed from the Menu footer (by clicking the v4.xx number int he bottom right) or via the About screen.


Browse and learn M⁴ with information resources. This button will take you to the very Guide you are currently browsing.


Get the latest install packages for M⁴ or, the other Mt. Mograph tools like Boombox or Wander.


Remove all M⁴ components from workstation. This button just requires a quick password entry and your system will be free of any Motion assets.
This is a non-destructive process, so existing projects will not be broke. You just won't have access to the Motion Extension panel via the App Bar > Window > Motion-4 .


Contact Mt. Mograph team for technical assistance or, further questions. Contact us directly at [email protected] or, use the Contact from on our website below:


Return all M⁴ settings and preferences to initial state.


View M⁴ software license agreements.


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