Customize M⁴ design and interface.


Tailor different options that you will interface with while using Motion. The modes are generally visual, and can help fit Motion into size, or docking in After Effects.

Panel Scaling

Enable custom UI scaling for M⁴ — on different monitors, or various panel sizings buttons, the general panel might not feel correct. Adjust the slider % to increase or, decrease the entire scaling for the M⁴ panel.


Display information pop-ups to identify M⁴ components. If you don't like seeing the Tooltips pop up when you hover M⁴ components; disable Tooltips for a more clean UI experience.

Overlay Blur

Enable or disable the "blur" effect that is put over background elements, when new screens are displayed in M⁴. The Overlay Blur helps to keep panels, and workflows focused and will display blur effect behind overlay screens.

Search Field Type

Customize your preferred Header bar and Search field.

Compact This is the startup view of the Search Field. This puts a Search icon to the right of the Navigation buttons. When the Search icon is clicked an entire Search View will be visible.

Scroll For smaller UI with limited width the Scroll mode for the Search field is a great option, to engage Search — hover the mouse over the Navigation buttons and "pull down" or, scroll down with your Mouse to pull down the Search field.

Extended If you'd like to always display a Search bar in your UI, enable Extended and you can always enter text into the Search field.

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