Expanded functionality to calculate selected layer anchor point(s).


The Anchor+ interface is an advanced version of Anchor but allows you to quickly change the Anchor Point of the selected Layer(s) without the guesswork of the stock and weirdly named `Pan Behind tool of AE.

On the Anchor+ screen there are a couple extra options, and a couple special ways adjust the Anchor Point further.


  1. Select a Layer

  2. Click an Anchor dot, to change the position of the actual Layer Anchor Point, to what Anchor dot was selected.

Anchor Actions

Include Masks Use mask path (if existing) to calculate anchor point.

Rotation Lock Factor degree of rotation of selected layer(s) to calculate anchor point. This is a very helpful tool to orient a Rotated layer to the M⁴ UI panel (ex: if the Anchor dot is to the left, and the Layer is rotated 180 degrees the sides are inverted)

To First Adjust all layer anchor point(s) to first selected index.

To Last Adjust all layer anchor point(s) to last selected index.

Average Use median coordinate to calculate anchor point.

Center Center Layers to the Composition.

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