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Motion is an Extension packaged into a .zxp file. Use the Motion Installer to automate the install process.
We recommend using the Motion Installer, but third-party ZXP-installers are supported if needed.

Get download

After you purchase a License, your download will be available in two locations.
  1. 1.
    A order confirmation will be sent to the Checkout Email with a Download link and License Key

Launch installer

Finalize installation

When the Motion Installer completes successfully, close the installer window and open your target application (Adobe Premiere or, Adobe After Effects)
If the target application was open during the Motion install, restart the Adobe application to finalize the installation.

Failed install

In the rare case the Motion Installer fails, you can manually install Motion using the included motion.zxp file. To install a .ZXP manually try using one of the free third-party ZXP Installers below:
Website link
ZXP Installer
AEScripts ZXP-Installer
If the Installer fails or the third-party ZXP installation fails and your applications meet the System Requirements β€”Β please check our website Support section.
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